was founded on the belief that Ordinary people should be able to List and Sell their Homes for Free. We want You to Profit from the Sale of Your Property not Agents.

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Take Control of Selling your Property.

By listing your property on our website, handling inquiries about your property and comparing bids with competing Buyers, you hold the most information about the entire selling process and not the Agent.
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Create a Listing for free.

We provide the tools for you to create beautiful profiles of your home. You can then use our platform to share your listing across social networks and market the property yourself. Many homeowners want to sell, but aren't comfortable with the stressful Selling Process. Those people list here first.
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Delete your Listing once your home is Sold.

Sold your home? Delete it from the Net. Unlike traditional Real Estate websites which keep all your data so they can resell it to Real Estate Agents at a future date, we let you Delete your Listing so your home isn't "there" anymore on the Internet so that anyone can have a look.
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